About us

2001 the company TIGER GMBH was outsourced from the SCHECK GMBH as an own company with an own production of cermic crucibles. 

The decission was placed after it became clearer and clearer that the sales of high quality ceramics - specially ceramic crucibles - on the international markets need other conditions than the mainly national selling of casting supply the SCHECK GMBH succesfully did since many years.

Based on the experiences of this company the TIGER GMBH as well prescribes itself to the principes of quality, service and a fair price-performance against the customer. Without any compromise we stand for these aims, as well as for an innovative thinking, combined with a leveled relationship of the risk to enter unknown territory and the earthiness not to forget the well-tried.

Thereby this in Germany manufactured product belongs to the world wide leading of ist kind. Of course the TIGER GMBH offers an individual guidance. Here we can give time to product specific questions by fax, phone and e-mail. Don’t hesitate to test us with your very personal problems. Because: We are there for you!!!