Tiger Ceramic Crucibles

The Tiger GmbH is a manufacturer of ceramic crucibles.

Our crucibles are mainly used fort he following purposes:

Crucibles for melting Platinum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Chrome- and Nickelalloys

All kind of rods

Crucibles for the dental industry

Crucibles for the heat treatment of rubies

Crucibles for the photovoltaics

Crucibles for high thermal applications

We have crucibles from all designated machine manufacturers. The offer you find in our pricelist. In case a crucible is not listed, following to a sample or a technical drawing from you we can produce a mould and the requested crucible for you.


Ceramic Crucibles for Melting Platinum

After 5 years of development we successfully developed a new ceramic with remarkable characteristics in melting Platinum.

The significant improvement of this ceramic is the lesser vitrification oft he crucibles.

The new ceramic hast he following purposes:

  • Longer lifetime of our crucibles compared to those of our competitors.
    Feedbacks from our customer report from 40-60 casts each crucible, depending from the quantity of the used Platinum (Average 300 gram). One wrote: „… whatever I do – I can’t kill it….“
  • Less loss of Platinum
    Due the lower vitrification and the smooth surface, less Platinum adhere on the walls oft he crucibles. Following this there are less costs for the metal recycling. Our customers specify a 3-4 time lower loss of Platinum.
  • Improved casting results
    Due to the lower vitrification and the smoother surface there is a lower substitution of Platinum an ceramic. Means less ceramic in the casting.
  • High thermal shock resistance
    Our crucibles don’t have to be preheated before casting. Thereby time and energy can be saved. The slow cooling down in the oven can be deleted as well. Full energy can be used for the melting of the metal. This saves time and energy as well. The faster the melting cycles the longer the life of the crucibles.
  • High strength
    Because of the high resistance of our crucibles against the break up, the danger of a bursting crucible and the associated loss of Platinum and the destruction of the casting unit is very low.


Ceramic crucible for melting Titanium

Depending on the used quantity of metal, in our ceramic crucibles can be made up to 12 casts of Titanium. 

Afterwards the crucibles can be used for the casting of Stainless Steel. (Exept Nickel alloys)


Ceramic crucibles for melting steel

Because of the high number of different steel alloys, statisically it is impossible to predict any number of casting of the crucibles. The reason is the different apperance of slagging. Our crucibles don’t break due to the thermal stress they become clogged.


Ceramic crucibles for the melting of dental alloys

The most important thing in the dental industry: There mustn’t be any contamination of the alloy!

That’s why we developed a ceramic which minimices the ceramic impurities of the alloys. You can use the Tiger crucibles about two times longer than those from our competitors without any apperance of contamination.


Ceramic crucibles for melting Palladium alloys

Palladium is mainly used to merge with Gold.

With the usage of graphite crucibles the melting will be enriched with carbon. This means that latest after three casts the metal has to be refined again. By using our crucibles these costs can be reduced dramatically. For the goldsmith as well it is easier to work with a metal not poluted by carbon.


Always with the very best ceramic qualities for all applications.