Ceramic / Thermal Shock / Vitrification / Coating / Contamination

Crucibles for the Platinum casting are made out of ceramic. Each manufacturer has his own mixture of different ceramics.

And each of these mixtures has ist own themal shock resistance and ist own vitrification temperature. Generally it can be said: „The higher the vitrification temperature – the lower ther thermal shock resistance.“

This leads us into a difficult possition for the casting industry. On one hand noone wants to wait for hours till the casting temperature of the respective alloy is reached; on the other hand nobody wants a casting polluted with melted ceramic. The coating with Zirkonium Oxide, Yttrium Oxide or other ceramics could be helpful. But on the global market there is still no 100 % solution existing.


Crucibles from the TIGER GMBH

We from TIGER GMBH did something else for the solution of this problem.

Also our ceramic has got a vitrification temperature. But this is close to the casting temperature of Platinum.

Also our ceramic has got its specific thermal shock resistance. But this ist hat good that some can’t believe what they see on our demonstration video.

Our solution was, to combine this extreme thermal shock resistance with a vitrification temperature as high as possible. Meanwhile the quality we developed is well known all over the world.

Our crucibles don’t have to be pre-heated in the oven. For a longer life it is even necessary to start melting the metal in the cold crucible.

The induction of your casting unit is heating up only the metal but not the ceramic of the crucible. By the use of our crucibles at room temperature (not pre heatet) the vitrification temperature of the crucible is reached for a very short time only.


3 advantages of TIGER crucibles

The life of our crucibles is explicity longer

The pollution of your melting with vitrified ceramic is extremely low. As a consequence of this you get a higher quality of your castings.

You need less crucibles for the same quantity of castings. Thereby the total loss of Platinum is significant lower because only one and not many „poluted“ crucibles have to be send to the refinery.


Cuts heal and disappear

During the last years we constantly developed our ceramic. I personally think that the most impressive development is the „healing“ of the cuts of the crucible. Here I can’t explain detailed how this works. But I accept it as given and I am happy about.

Due to our specific combination of different core sizes in our ceramic the cuts our customers can see are only on the surface of the crucibles. They get lost in shortest distance. The following pictures can verify this.